Janne Kummer aka.alaska is a Director, Performer and Multimedia Artist  |

based in Berlin | 


They teach and research at the Masters Programm Spiel && Objekt at the University of Performing Arts Ernst Busch --> check www.spielundobjekt.de and at Berlin Open Lab


My work is connecting New Media with Performing Art and deals with the impact of new technology and the internet on individuals and society, as well as on the ecological condition of our planet.

Within the work of the performance collective virtuellestheater we focuse on developing  speculative art pieces that enable the observer to envision a better future.

I am currently an artistic researcher within the programm DiGiTal of the BCP (Berliner Chancengleichheitsprogramm). My research engages with the question, how digitalisation changes the perception and construction of the (human) body and is critically dealing with body images and power relations, based on gender identities and their (re) production in the analogue and digital world. I perform my research at the Masters Program Spiel && Objekt (HfS Ernst Busch Berlin), where I give seminars about non-linear narrations and technofeminism