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Online lecture with allapopp & Janne Kummer aka.alaska and guests Buse Çetin, Emily Martinez and Luna Nane, in which they present the results of research at HAU4.

Performance with and bye allapopp & Janne Kummer aka.alaska at FFT Düsseldorf

Discord Documentary

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Artifical Intelligence (AI) is the attempt to equip computers with intelligent behaviour and autonomous decision-making processes. While doing so, it becomes evident that computers lean towards discriminatory conduct, as do the humans from whom they learn. This shows, for example, in the field of image recognition, where AI is already frequently in use. Here, the systems follow a codified norm and “recognise” only men or women. Binary concepts of gender are employed, repeated, and perpetuated.

The House of Monstress Intelligenzia is an alternative draft to the prevailing system and its databanks. It is the attempt to turn the “glitches” – presumed errors within the system – into the foundation for the development of an alternative, queer-feminist AI. Media artists allapopp and Janne Kummer aka.alaska invent an AI to dream up bodies that do not adhere to social norms. Their performance comes up in a connection of queer theory, community-based approaches to learning, as well as digital and performative art.

For The House of Monstress Intelligenzia allapopp & Janne Kummer aka.alaska collaborated with Luna Nane and Portrait XO. Luna is an artist and designer and instructional in the processes of machine learning for the performance The House of Monstress Intelligenzia. Portrait XO conducts research in the fields of computer creativity as well as human-machine collaboration.

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